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    Shenyang Foundry and Forging Industry Co., Ltd. , registered and founded on February 26th, 2007, is a state-owned joint-stock enterprise, which is integrated and restructured by large hot working part of companies including former Shenyang Heavy Machinery Group Co., Ltd., Shenyang Mining Machinery Group Co., Ltd., Shenyang Pump Company, Shenyang Gas Presser Company, Shenyang Casting Company . 

    The company covers an area of 380,000㎡with building area 240,000㎡ . By the end of 2014, it has completed construction investment 1.32 billion yuan and has more than 2000 employees. The company is the president of Liaoning province Casting Association, currently is the most professional hot working and biggest castings and forgings manufacturing enterprise in our country.

    It has the capacity of producing 150,000 tons of steel, 40,000 tons steel castings, 50,000 tons steel ingots, 15000 tons of iron castings, 20,000 tons forgings, 1 billion outputs per year. Now the company can provide molten steel 350 tons once only , maximum cast steel blank 240 tons, max forging blank 30 tons, max grey cast iron blank 100 tons, max spheroidal-graphite cast iron blank 50 tons, max stainless steel blank 30 tons.

    The company can supply large, medium, small kinds of  high quality cast steel, cast iron, steel forging blanks and rough machining products for metallurgy, mining, bridge, tunnel, thermal power, hydropower, wind power,  nuclear power, petrifaction, shipping, space flight, national defence, etc. The products are exported to the United States, Japan, Germany, Brazil, India, Russia, South Africa, and more than 40 countries and regions. Furthermore, it can offer related products and spare parts for metallurgy, mining, cement and electric power industries.

  The enterprise  has always been taking  “preventing  environmental pollution, guaranteeing the health safely, observing the laws and regulations request” as the administrative policy, no significant or more environmental pollution accident, “The Three Waste” standards emissions, solid waste emissions in principle, enhancing the level of energy saving continually as the environment goal. The company has been organizing the production according to the three principles—“Total amount control, Cleaner production, emission standards”, and taking a positive and active protective measures to the potential environmental pollution. The company strictly abides by the relevant state laws, regulations and local regulations. To control the pollution, all the company input 14.94 million RMB.

   The company declares annually, pays pollutant discharge fees accurately, and its various pollution outlets conforms to the standardized improvement technology requirement. The enterprise’s large-scale dust removal equipment facility for environmental protection has exceeded more than ten units, and its starting rate is 100%. The results of the authority monitoring to the environmental protection facilities all meet “The Three Waste” standard in our country.  Above all, in the past three years, the consumption index of water, electric, gas and other energy has decreased by 1% annually.

    The Test Center of our company, equipped with all kinds of test devices 78 sets, all of which have the domestic first-class and the international advanced level, has obtained “Laboratory Accreditation Certificate” awarded by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS), and has been recognized by the institutions in which countries and regions signed the mutual recognition agreements.

  The company has set up 10 functional management departments, including Administration Department, Party-mass Work Department, Manufacturing and Operation Department, Safety and Environment Protection Department, Technology and Quality Assurance Department, Sales Department, Financial Department, Human Resources Management Department, Auditing Department, Safeguarding Department, and thirteen branch companies, such as Steel  Casting Branch Company, Foundry Branch Company,  Forging Branch Company, Special Casting Branch Company, Heat Treatment Branch Company, Heavy&Mining Machinery Branch Company, Equipment&Power Branch Company, Packaging Branch Company, Equipment Installation Engineering Branch Company, Spare Parts Branch Company, Property Branch Company,  Sales Branch Company, International Branch Company , and Iron and Steel Research Institute which is a research institution.

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